Veteran Army Ranger. Proven Conservative.

Mike's Top Issues.

I refuse to watch as “leaders” in Washington lose focus on our core principles and the fundamental needs of this nation.

Send me to Congress, and I'll do the work to put our economy, national security, and working Americans first.

Learn more about where I stand on these critical issues below.


Agriculture is Georgia's #1 industry, but Biden administration regulations have made it tougher for farmers to compete with cheap foreign imports.

I'm a friend to Georgia farmers, and I'll fight for trade and regulatory policies that ensure there is a free and fair market for American food and agricultural products.

Border Security

Border security is national security. If our border isn’t secure, then American lives and national security are at risk.

Drug cartels are getting richer, fentanyl is invading our communities, and every month seems to set a new record for illegal border crossings. It’s a direct result of President Biden’s policies.

I went to the border and saw this crisis firsthand. In Congress, I’ll be part of a solution that secures our border, enforces our laws, and puts America’s security first.


Joe Biden’s economy has left working families in Georgia’s 3rd District, and across the country, behind. People are paying more to fill up their car, put food on their table, and make ends meet.

“Bidenomics” is a disease, and Georgia common sense is the prescription.

I’ll work to combat inflation, restore our energy independence, secure our supply chains, and create agricultural and technological self-sufficiency.


I’m the son of two educators and learned the value of a quality education from an early age.

In the Georgia Senate, I led policies that raised teacher pay, increased the number of school counselors, and closed the opportunity gaps for high school students.

I also wrote the bill to get toxic divisive concepts and partisan ideologies out of our classrooms, and I’ll work to do the same in Congress.

National Security

During my 20+ years of service in the Army, I deployed to combat zones around the world.

I know that we need strong American leadership, but President Biden isn’t getting the job done.

I’ll bring a different approach in Congress. I’ll work to ensure we stand with our allies, hold our adversaries accountable, and end the fentanyl crisis that’s killing our communities by getting at the source: Drug cartels and Communist China.

Public Safety

Gang activity, petty crime, and drug addiction are at a breaking point in the Atlanta metro and other cities across America.

More than ever before, law enforcement and first responders need our support.

That’s what I’ll do in Congress, and I’ll also work to create partnerships in our schools, communities, and criminal justice system to confront the mental health crisis facing millions of Americans.

Supporting Our Military And Veterans

The VA has failed our nation’s heroes, with suicide rates climbing and fewer resources available for mental health. I’ll fight to ensure every veteran gets the proper care and assistance that they deserve.

Our military is also facing a crisis of continual deployments with fewer soldiers to deploy. I’ll work to end the recruiting crisis while also fighting for a foreign policy that keeps us out of extended conflicts.

Mike Dugan

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